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    We set out below our standard charges for transactions where the price is £250,000.

    It is assumed that the transaction proceeds relatively smoothly, that the Title is registered and there are no significant defects in Title and no planning permission or building regulation documents that need to be obtained.

    1. Sale of Freehold at £250,000 – £810 including VAT. Additional fees to include paying off mortgage, identity checks and copies of Title documents including VAT average £88. Total £898.

    2. Sale of Leasehold at £250,000 – £1,020 including VAT. Additional fees to include paying off mortgage, identity checks and copies of Title documents including VAT average £88. Leasehold management pack (payable to the managing agents) prices vary but average £250. Total £1,358.

    3. Purchase of Freehold at £250,000 – £810 including VAT. Additional fees to include Search fees, identity checks, transferring the money upon completion and Land Registry fee average £622. Stamp Duty, assuming this is not a second property nor are you a first time buyer would be £2,500. Total £3,932.

    4. Purchase of Leasehold at £250,000 – £1,020 including VAT. Additional fees to include Search fees, identity checks, transferring the money upon completion and Land Registry fees average £622. Stamp Duty, assuming not a second property nor first time buyer would be £2,500. Fees payable to managing agents average £150. Total £4,292.

    5. Re-mortgage at £250,000 – £474 including VAT. Additional fees to include Search fees (if required by the Lender), identity checks, obtaining copy title documents, redeeming any existing mortgage, transferring the money upon completion and Land Registry fees average £533. Total £1,007.

    Please note that the total costs do vary according to the price of the property and a full case specific estimate can be obtained by contacting us.

    Our conveyancing team is made up of Solicitor Elizabeth Collins with over 10 years’ experience, trainee Solicitor Ellen Brian and Conveyancing executive Lisa Allbutt who has over 15 years’ experience; the team is supervised by Timothy Halliday with over 30 years’ experience, working in residential conveyancing qualifying as a Solicitor in 1985.


    By this we mean the collection and distribution of money, property and other assets belonging to a person following their death, where these are within the UK and the matters are not contested.

    We charge £3,250 + VAT on average for this work.

    This estimate is just an average price based on recent instructions; the actual cost will depend on a number of factors, which we will be pleased to discuss further if we are instructed.

    The charge is based on our average hourly charging-rate of £250 plus VAT.

    There will be costs (ie expenses) payable in addition. These are fees and charges we will need to pay as part of the Probate process, such as Probate Registry fees, oath swearing fees, Trustee Act Notice fees and so forth. They are likely to be in the region of £300-£350 on average.

    Our fees and charges do not include any external costs and charges that we may incur as part
    of the administration of the estate (such as tax, penalties, repayable benefits and so forth). The estate will be responsible for such costs and charges.

    The above charges and cost estimates are based on the assumption that the estate is relatively simple, all based in the UK and that there are few, if any, assets that would complicate the process or lengthen our time estimates.

    We understand the stress and emotion surrounding a recent bereavement. The work we will
    carry out will involve:-

    • Ascertaining the legally appointed Executors or Administrators of the Deceased, along with the beneficiaries. This does not normally take a long time if the Deceased definitely left a Will. However, it can take a lot longer if either there are doubts as to whether or not the Deceased left a Will or if the Deceased definitely did not leave a Will (ie died Intestate);
    • Ascertaining the assets and liabilities in the Estate. This takes an average of 4 weeks from initial instruction to achieve but will obviously depend upon the number of assets and liabilities in the estate and other factors;
    • Applying for and obtaining a Grant of Probate or Letters of Administration, including the completion of any relevant HMRC Inheritance Tax (IHT) forms and payment of any IHT due. This takes an average of 8 weeks to achieve but will be dependent upon the size of the estate and whether or not IHT is payable;
    • Collecting in all of the assets in the estate and paying all liabilities; and
    • Administering the estate in accordance with the terms of the Deceased’s Will or in accordance with the Intestacy Rules if the Deceased died Intestate. On average the whole process takes between 12 and 16 weeks from start to finish but can take a lot longer. Sometimes it can take a lot less!

Our people involved in dealing with uncontested Probate work at The Eric Whitehead Partnership include:

Nicholas J John (Solicitor and Director)
Elizabeth Collins (Solicitor and Director)

Ellen Brian (Trainee Solicitor)
Josie Gilman (Secretary); and

Contact us here if you wish to instruct us in relation to any uncontested Probate work.

  • Excellent service provided with regard to my Will. Our additional discussion regarding employment law was also very useful. Thank You

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    • Ms Z
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  • On behalf of myself and family thank you for helping to relieve the stress and worry of the past year

    • Ms S
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  • The care, consideration and advice given to my dad and myself has been excellent. Many thanks

    • Ms H
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