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  • 14/01/2008

    Home Information Pack (HIP) Update

    On 14th December 2007, it became compulsory for anyone planning to market their property for sale to obtain a Home Information Pack (HIP). The Pack will include an important document known as an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC). Such certificates are commissioned by the seller from an accredited Energy Assessor, who will visit the seller’s property to collect the data which will enable them to prepare the certificate. The main purpose of the EPC is to tell a potential buyer how energy efficient a property is, on a scale of A to G. The most energy efficient properties (and, therefore, those with the lowest likely fuel bills) will be in band A and the least energy efficient properties (and, therefore, those with the highest likely fuel bills) will fall into band G. Better rated properties...
  • 04/01/2007

    Joint Property Ownership

    When you buy a property it is often tempting to concentrate on matters such as location and price. However, if you purchase a property with your spouse or partner, there is another important issue which you will need to think about – the manner in which the property is to be jointly owned. There are two ways in which a property can be jointly owned and the difference between them is significant. Joint Tenants The first method of joint ownership is as Joint Tenants. As Joint Tenants, the joint owners will own the property in trust with each other and their ownership is subject to what is known as the Rule of Survivorship. This means that if one of the joint owners dies, ownership of the property will automatically pass, in its entirety, to the survivor, regardless of the terms of the deceased...